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I have standard terms and conditions under which I undertake any services and upon which all quotations and subsequent research projects are based.  These are detailed below, and should be read in conjunction with my Privacy Policy, created for your peace of mind:-

  1. Advance payment in full is required from new clients, unless a milestone payment plan is quoted for a fixed package of work. (See payments for payment process).
  2. For bespoke research projects, where research involves the purchase of certificates, wills and other documents, I ask for payment from Clients in advance, as I have to pay for these at the time of order.
  3. Where I make a bespoke proposal which sets out the work that you have asked me to do, it will include the extent of the work (including how I intend to undertake the research), an estimate of the total costs of the work (including search time and any expense costs) and anticipated timescale for completion.  I endeavour to estimate research costs as accurately as possible, but actual costs may be different to the estimate.
  4. If you request it, I will agree a 'limit of spend' with you and will not exceed this without your permission when either another limit will be agreed of you ask me to suspend the project.
  5. Where you order one of my defined Research Packages, then the price is fixed at the outset and I will agreed milestone payments with you.  Where you order bespoke research services, then I will charge expenses at cost and time at the agreed hourly rate, plus any agreed third party or travel costs for the project.
  6. Invoices will be raised at appropriate intervals.  These Invoices will detail all time spent and all expenses, e.g. travel costs, certificate purchases and the like.
  7. Invoices are due for payment within 14 days of the date of invoice.
  8. Payment can be made by UK Sterling Cheque, UK Internet bank transfer, PayPal (in GBP or USD), or Money Order in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars or Australian Dollars.
  9. I am not VAT registered, so VAT does not apply to any payments.
  10. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with my work, I will of course attempt to resolve any problems with you.  It is necessary however for me to limit my liability, in any and all events, to £100 or the total of all fees charged to you, whichever is the lesser amount.  All fees (less any agreed reduction up to the £100 limit) remain due for payment.
  11. I do not maintain professional indemnity (PI) insurance but I can arrange for a suitable policy to be put in place for a specific project, only if specifically requested by you before any work is commenced.  In which case, the premium for the policy shall be paid for by you, in advance, as part of the fees for the project.
  12. Any research undertaken is treated in the strictest confidence and I will not share any information with any third party, unless instructed by you to do so.  (See Privacy Policy).

Rev: 25/Aug/2013