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Please understand that I treat all information that I find through my genealogy and family history research in a completely professional manner and that your privacy, and that of others, is paramount at all times.

For your peace of mind, in addition to my Terms and Conditions I have also drafted the following privacy policy which supports my legal obligations under the Data Protection Act:

  1. I am registered under the data protection act as a Data Controller and understand and comply with all objections required by the Act.
  2. Any research undertaken for you is treated in strictest confidence and I will not share any information with any third party, unless instructed to do so by you.
  3. Any data relating to living persons (e.g. birth date) will be excluded from written reports. This information will however be entered into family tree software in preparation for the complete issue of information in electronic format at the end of a project to you alone.
  4. At the end of any project, or at any point when instructed to cease work, and once payment for all my services has been received in full, at your request I will either forward to you all the original documentation that I have found or will destroy it. Any original documentation provided by you will of course be returned in its entirety.
  5. I use a lap top computer to manage data in relation to research projects. Access to this equipment is limited to myself and is password protected and encrypted where possible.
  6. In the course of my work, lap top computers are essential. To protect your data from equipment theft, I maintain encrypted back up on a local archive system.
  7. I will not release any information to a third party without your written consent.

Rev: 25/Aug/2013