It has just been announced by the Bristol Record Office that it has been successful in its application to the National Manuscripts Conservation Trust for a grant for the further restoration of the St Thomas Bible.

Along with funding from the St Thomas Ecclesiastical Charity and the Churches Conservation Trust, who now own the building, this has enabled Chris Clarkson an archive conservator to continue with the partially restored document.

This is only one of many documents damaged during the bombing of Bristol in World War II.  Other documents of interest to Family Historians which were damaged during this time period are the parish registers of Temple, St Mary Le Port, St Paul and St Paul Bedminster.  The register for Temple was once described to me as resembling a charred brick.  But do not despair as Bishop’s Transcripts were taken of these parishes registers not as good as the original register,  as most researchers will know BT’s provide just the bare bones of a parish register, date and name(s) only, but it’s better than the alternative.

It is unfortunate that Bristol Record Office do not have to have a dedicated conservation department here in the city.  Due to funding it appears that there is very little, if any, conservation work being undertaken at the moment to Bristol documents and any that is done it must be sent to other establishments thereby increasing the costs.